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Norfolk's Switch: Still Exists

BLUE sucks up all the attention on Norfolk Street, but about the other slice of bread in the Tonic (R.I.P.) sandwich, the Switch Building at 109 Norfolk Street? Construction on the seven-story nArchitects building has been famously slow, to the point where it seems like the 16-story BLUE Meanie will beat it, despite Switch's long head start. One of the building's five units remains on the market, a $2.7 million duplex penthouse. We've always wondered what the inside of this sucker would look like, given its artsy-fartsy exterior, and a tipster just sent us some photos from inside a model unit, which appears to be this in-contract two-bedroom pad. Much to our disappointment, it just looks like a regular apartment?no wizards or dragons or sex dungeons or anything. Zzzzzzzzz.

Master bedroom

Second bedroom

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Switch Building

109 Norfolk Street, New York, NY 10002