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PriceSpotter Big Reveal: Chelsea Half-'Stoner

Yesterday, we presented the details on this Chelsea 1BR. Today, we reveal the asking price. Thanks for playing.

Listing: 127 W. 15th St. [Elliman]
Asking: $635k
Okay, first the brokerspeak that had us all worked up yesterday: This place is "[b]eyond gut renovated," a level of work we had not even contemplated. It's also "beyond special," naturally. Considerable discussion in the comments about whether this is actually 625 sqft. Actually, nobody believes it is, especially the tipster who sent the following:

hi the 1br unit underneath (3f) sold earlier this year for $455.5k. it was listed by corcoran here. as you can see it was listed as 450 sq foot - my question is this - what is causing the expansion of 200 sq foot in the "f" line - is this global warming issue even more serious than we first thought?..........where did i put al gore's #?

Eh, what's 175 square feet when you've got all that "Miele bling." Gold star to anon #2, who guessed $630k before Google ruined everything.
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