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New Developments Officially Run Out of Plausible Names

Reports CityRealty, "Excavation work is about to commence for a 24-story residential condominium tower with 88 apartments at 250 East 49th Street that will be known as the Splendido."

Really? THE SPLENDIDO? As in, "I just bought a splendid two-bedroom at The Speldido"? As in, "Dude, the East 40s are just splendido"? Whatever. There is, at least, this bit of gold about the new tower (left) to distract us: "The lower section of the development 'respects the street wall of the residential block comprised primarily of townhouses and lower scaled buildings,' according to the Sydness Architects website." Oh, absolutely.

Meantime, in Chelsea, neighborhood blogger Crazy Fingers reports, "There's a new condo development named after Clement Clarke Moore... Moore opposed abolition and owned slaves. I'm glad I'll often walk by a building which bears his name."
· Curved Condo Tower with 88 Units Planned for 49th Street [CityRealty]
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