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Design Blogfest '07 Update: Windows Need Your Vote!

As we gear up for the Design Blogfest on Crosby Street in Soho tomorrow night, participating blogs have chosen their favorites for the Design Blogfest Window Competition to decorate the setting above. In a crazed fit of interactivity, it's your turn to vote for your favorite among the finalists.

Cribcandy chose the Drawing Pod
I chose the drawing pod, because it solved a very simple problem that I encountered when i was an architect, but which anyone who has tried to extract a poster from a cardboard tube will relate to. Rolled up drawings tend to unwind and stick to the sides of tubes making them difficult to extract without tearing. The solution: make the tube tear-drop shaped, in section.

TreeHugger chose the Keyboard Waffle Maker
Chris Dimino's Keyboard Waffle Maker proves that a little whimsy and sense of fun is often critical to a recycled design's success. It just wouldn't be as interesting (or as green) if the typewriter's metal and plastic were melted down and turned into another forgettable appliance. The design also celebrates the typewriter's patina and imperfections instead of attempting to hide them, which I think is a growing movement away from iPod-like super-slickness in design as a whole.

Apartment Therapy chose The Bean Screen and Lettuce Coffee Table
These two designs stood out for the ambition of their design and practicality. As we move into the green age, designs like these will challenge the way we think about our interiors and our furnishings. These were beautiful and simple as pieces and inspired curiosity as we wanted to take one home and try it right away.

Curbed chose designblogfest_v1_window display
Simple, and an idea that's been discussed at the Gawker HQ down the block. Solidifies the idea of this stretch of Crosby Street as Blog Alley for a night. Fun!

Both NOTCOT and Cool Hunting chose Pet Plus Series
Per NOTCOT: There's a playful style to her pieces that make you stop, pause, giggle, and then realize how fun it would be to gift someone with those. What puppy wouldn't want to be a part of the family and partake in some wine at the dining table (with a collared shirt and all)... or for the lonely ladies out there who want to "hold hands" as they walk the dog, there's the boyf leash.

Design Blogfest is all about people connecting with other people and design, a concept embodied in Shannon South's FLIRTSTATION. "Two can share this bench that will naturally allow connection to occur by keeping one focused on the other through the window that connects yet separates them.".

The voting will remain open until 11:47pm EST tonight. Get to it!