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Brooklyn Two-Pack: Fourth Avenue & Greenwood Heights

We didn't jump on this first thing, but it's worth noting that a couple of Brooklyn neighborhoods are getting some love today:

1) Fourth Avenue. There is one development every three blocks on one stretch of the street dividing Park Slope from Gowanus that today's Post calls "fantastic Fourth." We've got the Novo Park Slope. Its friend The Crest. Plus, some newbies like the 49-unit Park Slope Court near Warren Street, a 41-unit "boutique Scarano Architects and Developers Group project" at Carroll Street, a 12-story building called The Argyle at Seventh Street and another 12-story number at 12th Street. And Hamptons Jitney stops. Way more to come. [NYP]

2) Greenwood Heights. The Sun counts a half-dozen luxury condos ready to open in the neighborhood that has been re-branded Greenwood Heights although "South South Slope" seems to be in the running too. The story takes note of the ongoing fights against development noting that "the neighborhood gets a lot of attention in real estate circles for homemade videos that capture construction permit violations by developers, often posted in protest online." [Sun]