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Barbara Corcoran Thinks This Market Sucks, Probably

The neverending race between Michael Shvo and Barbara Corcoran to BLOW. OUR. MINDS. continues with this bit of advice on self-promotion from Babs in her Inc. Magazine column this month:

If a reporter calls you, call back within five minutes. Don't be self-promotional and make sure he hangs up with a notepad full of short quotes. It helps to be blunt—saying something like "The market sucks" will always get you the lead quote. Once you've established yourself as an authority, reporters will be happy to hear your ideas. Tell them what you're doing and ask, "Is there a story here?" Often it won't be the one you had in mind, but that's okay. You're looking to build your brand's credibility—not just for a quick pop.There's something so wrong about this. And so awesome.
· Ask Barbara Corcoran [Inc. via Cocoblog]