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Northside Piers Brings Out the Rats on Kent Avenue

Inflatable rats certainly brighten up the day. So it is with this photo of Northside Piers on Kent Avenue from an on-the-scene correspondent and the email that came with it:

I woke up to more workers than usual milling around Kent Avenue. Then I saw the inflatable rats. I didn't ask any questions, but it seems some of the union workers on the Toll Brother's new building in williamsburg aren't very happy.There are said to be five rats on the scene, which may mean a rat shortage for non-Toll Brothers construction-related issues today. For instance, this one and this one and, well, this one. How many inflatable rats are there in the at any one time in the five boroughs, anyway?
· Curbed PriceChopper: A Whole Bunch of Northside Piers [Curbed]
· The Brooklyn View from Up High at Northside Piers [Curbed] KENT AVE. BONUS: Just so Northside Piers' next door neighbor doesn't feel lonely, you can check out the pile driver that showed up at The Edge this morning at 4:52 AM. Neighborhood blogger INSIJS clearly checked his watch when the fun started.