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Get to Know Your New West Chelsea Landmarks

That construction pit above is not your normal, everyday construction pit. Well, it is, but it isn't. That dirty mess will one day spring up to become Jean Nouvel's 100 Eleventh Avenue, and all of its 1,700 blinding panes. The picture comes from an awesome Curbed tipster who got a tour of Frank Gehry's IAC building and sent us a bunch of shots. Why put the pit up above, instead of some curvy Gehry action? It's an excuse to bring up the fact that a cocktail party was held last night at 100 11th's West Chelsea sales gallery to launch the property for brokers and show off some designs. Any attendees who'd like to file a report, do so on the tipline.

lobby mural.

more hot lobby.

The longest video screen in the world? It makes the lobby glow at night as it changes colors.

A little Wii Tennis with your lunch, anyone?


Outside of The Diller's office.

“The prow” of the conference room.
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