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Ask Curbed: Our Punch List is Impeccable

If you wait to find your perfect dream home, you'll be waiting forever. Our mommy told us that once, and it's true. No home is perfect, but even with that being said, 150 problems sounds like a crapload for a new development:

we are in the process of 'closing' on a new development condo. we had our 1st walkthru a few weeks ago and there were ~150 items that we found -- some cosmetic (door needs to be straightenened), some structural (window sills badly damaged, stair treads buckling and not level). thru our lawyer, we submitted a beautiful punch list (complete with color-coded, numbered floorplan so any idiot could figure out where the specific issue was). our lawyer described it as the most comprehensive, visually aesthetic punch-list he's ever seen and asked me to go into business drafting them for clients. hahaha

so, to make a long story short, we asked for a 2nd walk-thru before closing (150 items seems like a lot) and a division of the items into fix-now versus save-for-punch-list. the developer responded with asking us to re-do the punch list because the font was too small for the workers to easily read (hello?! photocopy - enlarge?!). also, they threatened to not do ANY work on the apartment until we agreed to close, saying they'd just save our apartment for last, if at all. they're also being annoying about giving us architectural drawings from the architect relating to our apartment. i was told that i'd have to draft up the apartment elevations on my own...!!! and they finally agreed to the 2nd walk-thru, but won't confirm a date or time.

is that normal? do we have any real recourse for developer bad behavior?Well, you could always walk away, or at least send in some mental muscle and hire two or three bonus lawyers. Or you could ___________. Fill in that blank in the comments, while we try to color-code and number our DVD collection.
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