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Toll Brothers Targeting the Heights

When we go to parties, we're far more concerned with locating the waitress carrying the chicken satay than we are with actually, you know, doing work. The Post's Rich Calder is not, which is probably why he's a real reporter. After bringing us the blockbuster news that the Jehovah's Witnesses are looking to cash out on some of that prime Brooklyn Heights real estate they've been hoarding, Calder now has a follow-up scoop. Whilst attending the Northside Piers topping off ceremony, Toll Brothers VP David Von Spreckelsen told Calder that Toll Bros will put in a bid for three buildings on Columbia Heights, including the 12-story building at #169 (right). Their intention? Some hot luxury condo action, duh. The three buildings are expected to fetch around $45 million. Prep yourself, Brooklyn Heights, because the tinted glass might be coming before you know it.
· Jehovah's Luxe Plan to Turn Prophet [NYP]

[169 Columbia Heights photo courtesy of Property Shark]