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Interesting Building Technique in Maspeth Condo Alley

One way to get our attention is to put the subject "Mindboggling F'Up at Olive & Maspeth in W'burg" on your email. The tipster that sent the email, along with the pic that's on the right, writes:

I’ve never seen anything like the H-beams now jutting out of an apartment bldg that’s going up at this intersection—olive & Maspeth in w'burg—across from cooper park and the old Greenpoint hospital campus. The only thing we can figure is that some major structural problems were found and the exterior erector set beams are the solution, or at least what they’re trying to pass off as the solution. Check it out and ask yourself who would want to live in this place?The photo on the left, by the way, is of the building in April, before the steel went up. It's on a block of Maspeth Avenue in a far off corner of Brooklyn that is full of new condos. Interesting.
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