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Rumblings and Bumblings Responses: Red Hook Flowering

Answers to Tuesday's reader questions about new development around town. Got a question of your own? Send it along to Fun for the whole family.

1) Red Hook: Sure enough, the signs of life at 440 Van Brunt signal a pleasant sort of growth. Per a commenter, "Chelsea Garden is planning on expanding (according to the sales person I spoke with this weekend) to have a green house selling indoor plants."

2) Downtown: Indeed, it is a 50-story tower going up at the closed ICON parking garage (left) at 111 Washington. Color commentary from a commenter: "Right now, these few blocks south of WTC are a little slice of hell given the constant construction. I'm sure it will all be very nice in several years."

3) Greenpoint: Much mixed intel on what's going up on the site of the old Mobil station at 550 Humboldt Street. Take your pick between an Arby's, a new Scarano building, or toxic waste work: "They are required to knock it down and dig up the tanks because there was a leak in the tanks." Greenpoint, you never disappoint.

4) Midtown West: A commenter says our theory that the construction on the site of the old Shelly restaurant had to do with Extell's big dig was off the mark. It's actually going to be a Hilton time-share. Hot.

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