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The War Over Christopher Street

The LA Times writes on the West Village class war (of sorts) between old-line gays and the new generation of youths who hang out on the piers and amidst the brownstones, and, you know, make noise and stuff. The commenters on TowleRoad dig in with typical internet verve, but there's some good perspective there, too:

This is really interesting in the context of generations. Christopher Street has always had this situation since the seventies. If a newspaper had been allowed to write a gay story on Christopher Street back then, the locals would have been moaning to the reporter about the lack of respect of all the clones. (And I do remember a friend who lived on one of the little side streets complaining to high heaven every week about all the guys pissing on his geraniums.) And boy was it a zoo there on the weekends! Loads of fun. But it was still kinda dicey late at night. It's transitioned now into gay youth of color and I do think that's great. I really hope Christopher Street will always be a place for gay and lesbians to gravitate to. It really is our history.· A New Generation in the West Village [LATimes]
· The War Over Christopeher Street [TowleRoad]