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LIC #1: A Demolition Everybody Can Get Behind?

Last week, we had something about a toxic Long Island City parcel at Queens Plaza that Tishman Speyer is going to redevelop. (Previous use: manufacturing industrial cleaners.) Today, we point attention to the site across the street on which Tishman Speyer also plans to build, if only because it could be one of the handful of structures in New York City whose demise virtually everyone might cheer. The Queens Crapper, who is no fan of the wrecking ball, says of this one "Here's one Queens building we won't mind seeing demolished." The Crapper does worry, however, about the loss of municipal parking garages. The city will spend $30 million to put a city agency into the new building as an anchor tenant. Three words of design advice: No. Poured. Concrete.
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[Photo courtesy of Forgotten-NY]