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Soho Mews Hits the Market

When the CurbedWire report came in yesterday that 50% of Jean Nouvel's 100 Eleventh Avenue may already be sold, we were surprised, but we weren't too surprised. Even though the building is nothing more than a dirt pit right now, it's not like we haven't been flooded with images detailing what this sucker is going to look like. Soho Mews, on the other hand, is still a mystery to us. The Gwathmey-Siegel condo development/art project at 311 West Broadway may also be just a dirt pit, but Corcoran has unleashed the first wave of listings, and not surprisingly, they cost a pretty penny.

We're looking at prices starting at $1,700 per square-foot, with units quickly escalating north of $2,000/sf. It could be worse, we think, for such a pedigree project. And if you think you're going to get a rendering or a floorplan online, don't hold your breath. That little glimpse of facade you see is the only morsel being offered up at the moment. The brokerspeak in the listings is fabulous, though: "The 68 generous lofts, penthouses and street-entrance townhouses are contained within stately geometries and modulated facade fenestrations, paying homage to the traditional 19th century Soho cast-iron industrial buildings." Says a Curbed tipster: "With the Euro at 1.35 dollars, I'm sure there are plenty of bored petty nobles who will pick this stuff up." If there's one thing bored petty nobles desire, it's stately geometries.
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