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CurbedWire: Amex Doubles Down, Gramercy Parks Says No to Riffraff

TRIBECAA tipster writes, "These signs (right) just went up across the street from my building on Greenwich Street. One 3-story sign just wasn't enough. My view of the Hudson River is now interrupted by a nagging urge to sign up for an AMEX credit card." Sounds like you caught a break to us. On the East Side, they'd be shining those messages in your eye. [CurbedWire Inbox]

GRAMERCYFor those who were patiently waiting for the open-to-the-public Gramercy Park Day, you can now stop. NewYorkology reports that the event has been canceled. Breathe deep, now. The park will still host its annual Christmas Caroling event in December. [CurbedWire Inbox/NewYorkology]