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Building Collapse Betting Pool Update: Quick Fixes

[Photos by threecee and Stu_Jo, both via Curbed Photo Pool]

We're still accepting nominees for Curbed's Building Collapse Betting Pool—your chance to tell the world which building you think will come crashing down around us next! Suggestions to, if you'd be so kind.

Magically, the Curbed Photo Pool today provides updates on two building collapse sites. Above left, Ratner's workers build a sidewalk shed at the Ward Bakery Building on Dean Street—a week after the parapet collapse buried that very sidewalk. Better late than never! Above right, at the site of Building Collapse Betting Pool entrant 275 Mott Street, photoblogger Stu_Jo reports, "These fellows didn't seem too pleased to see that I was taking my camera out to shoot some photos—they had those two panels set aside when I first walked by and you could look down into the 15'+ hole that drops off right where the sidewalk ends—as soon as they saw me looking in they hurriedly put the panels back in place." Might we suggest—a sidewalk shed?
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