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Adventures In Shilling Redux: Chelsea Stratus Penthouse

Above, the flooplan for a penthouse at new development Chelsea Stratus, which recently hit the market for $6.35 million. Per the broker babble, "Located on one of the top three floors of the building, your Penthouse rises into the sky with the grace, presence and command of a modern sculpture." But why let the broker tell it when our shill-tastic Stratus tipster is back on the case? From the inbox:

They are now on at least the 10th amendment. I have received the 10th in the mail.. perhaps they are on a higher amendment by now. They have just released a 2200sqft PH for $6.2M!!!! You can see this on Ellimans Website. My understanding was that they have 70++ contracts signed so far, I think more. 10 Pricing amendments in 1 month mean 2 things, under pricing, and.. extreme activity. Prices are up substantially and they are getting $1300/sqft to $2000/sqft and beyond on PHs and top floors. Sounds like a pretty solid cuccess [sic] story thus far and certainly one of the hottest selling new developments in the city at this time.Shill probability: 104%.
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