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CurbedWire: Oro Hits Sixty in Sixty, Clement Clarke Goes Asian, 99 Gold Ups the Web Budget

DOWNTOWN BROOKLYNA recent email blast from Oro Marketing HQ announces that the team has managed to sell 60 units in 60 days! According to our records department, it's been closer to 90 days since Oro became available. Our shill meter is quickly moving into the danger zone. [CurbedWire Inbox]

CHELSEAIt's game time at the Clement Clarke. A tipster reports, "The Clement Clarke is having its new development open house?nice spread. Matsuri catered and prepared the sushi in the kitchen of the model apartment. Interesting bathroom sink. Nice spread and tomorrow they’ll be doing the part for Corcoran." [CurbedWire Inbox]

DUMBOGoing rental requires a thorough website redesign. Case in point: 99 Gold, which just recently made the switch. A tipster writes, "I had not been to the website in a while but I'm pretty sure this is a fancy new website for the newly rentable 99 Gold. I love the unnecessary 'more pictures' button/arrows for the SKYLOUNGE: Lounge chairs empty. Lounge chairs with guy. ...ohhh, NOW i can visualize myself there. Thanks 99 Gold!" [CurbedWire Inbox]