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On the Market: Cornelia St. Two-for-One

The listing agent thinks this might just be your "dream home w/ separate 'on premises' Studio,or Office." Our tipster is ready to divide and conquer. Us, we're just kind of into "breezeways." In any case, here's the tipster's plan:

This listing is for 2 separate bldgs, both with market rate apartments in them. No interior pics, which means they might all be disasters, but might it be possible to buy the whole property, take the rear house and half the garden as your own, and try to sell the front bldg, for maybe $4 million. Not sure what the market would bear, but $4mm, for a 4 story bldg in this area sounds about right. So the buyer could get the back house plus outdoor space for $1.4mm. Sounds like a steal.Sounds too easy to us, but we're a tad shy on the downpayment anyway.
· Listing: 21 Cornelia St. [Curbed]