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The Catch: Sex Parties (But Not in Your Room)

Inspired by a Craigslist listing that came in through the transom, we offer a new Curbed feature called The Catch, in which we present everything-looks-good-except listings. We trust you'll catch on. Nominees to Onward!

What/Where: Loft share, Williamsburg
Looks Good, Right?: Reasonable sized bedroom (above) with a reasonable price tag ($1200), refurbed kitchen with shiny new appliances, close to the train
The Catch: "I host one to two male sex parties a week. One after work (usually 6:30pm-11pm) and one on the weekend (usually 8pm-2am). The parties are on the second floor (my room) as well as on the first floor EXCEPT your room. You room is off limits to my guests. The parties are not very noisy except for the guys talking in the kitchen. The parties are very social as we play movies and socialize in the kitchen. Also, I have a maid that cleans up immediately after the parties - so you don't have to worry about that. If you are cool with all this, let's talk!"
· Listing: $1200 Male Roommate Wanted: Duplex Loft, 2 terraces, utilities included [Craigslist]