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Ask Curbed: Can They Take My Doorman and Put in Buzzers?

We reach into our Ask Curbed mailbag and find this question about facing the threat of losing one's doorman and getting a buzzer system instead. The query is as follows:

I just received in the mail a packet from the Division of Housing and Community Renewal Office of Rent Stabilization because it seems my management company in my rent stabilized Harlem apt building is trying to replace our 24 hr human lobby attendant/doormen with an electronic glamorized buzzer system - as they see these two things as equivalent. The packet I got instructs me to respond to the request (which I clearly oppose) - any insight as to how much of a role the desires of the tenants plays in this sort of situation? Can the company and city rule however they want, or does tenant input count? (The document also includes a pretty fishy number for the average unit rent (FAR lower than what I think it is) would this be important?)

I love my building, and my neighborhood, but the full service part of the building is what made it most appealing and I don't like getting screwed by 'the man.' Clearly the company is trying to cut costs and liability by removing human employees. Thoughts on what I can do?Advice about how to Save Your Doorman, ahead in the comments section. Meantime, keep those questions coming to our mailbag, which you can reach at
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