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Rumblings & Bumblings: Ghosts of Gas Stations Past, Mysteries of White Brick Apartment Buildings Present

It's time for everybody's favorite development game! If you've got an answer to either of the reader queries below, leave a note in the comments. If you've got another question, or a sweet, sweet digital photograph, drop a line to Answers sanitized for your protection Thursday.

1) Chelsea: Last we left the shuttered gas station at 34th and 10th (an old Rumblings fave), there were hazy reports of new development. A reader emails seeking clarity: "Did we ever find out what's going on there? Who owns it, and what is being built? Where can I see plans?"
2) Midtown East: Another reader writes, "does anyone know what's going on with the white brick apartment building on East 51st Street, east of Third Avenue, just before the little park? It looks mostly empty, and has been for a long time, and it looks like there's a doorman (more like a guard) in the lobby. There's a commercial tenant in the basement - some sort of Russian 'spa.'"
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