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Williamsburg Waterfront #1: Are Your Lawnchairs Ready?

It's really time to get out the lawnchairs in Williamsburg. While we wondered last year when the new state park between Kent Avenue and the East River was going to open, the official news is that it's opening this weekend. The grass has become very green and the gates at the 7.5 acre park are going to be unchained on Saturday. Maybe you remember that it didn't open last year because the sod hadn't taken yet. The park will only be open weekends, though, which leads blogger INSIJS to write:

While we're thrilled that the park gate will finally swing open - almost a full year after 95% of the preparation work was complete - as neighborhood residents, we're dismayed that the state is limiting access to weekends...we're pretty certain that most of the smaller parks in the NYC Parks system operate without any full-time staff; and most of those parks contain furniture, benches and plantings that could potentially be damaged by vandals (East River State Park has nothing but concrete, grass, and a steel fence).The part-time park is between N. 7th and N. 9th Streets, just north of the huge site where The Edge will be rising. In any case, get those weekend lawnchairs out of the closet and hang out.
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