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Dirty Brooklyn Heights Cleans Up Its Act

It's 24 hours after a tractor trailer accidentally dumped a pile of dirt on Cadman Plaza West in Brooklyn Heights, and we're hearing it's all cleaned up now, but it's never too late for fun aerial shots. Reports mcbrooklyn:

Well, it took all day but finally a work crew consisting of a handful of York gardeners ("It's a Dirty Job!") and a building super with a mini bulldozer finally cleaned up what one engineer estimated to be at least ten tons of deep, rich loam, spilled onto Cadman Plaza West behind 75 Henry Street in Brooklyn Heights. It happened when the truck hauling it gave up the ghost as it backed into position.We're not sure why, but the phrase "deep, rich loam" just gave us a semi. A tepid semi, but a semi nonetheless. The Brooklyn Heights Blog Flickr pool has more pics.
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