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Heavy Metal Coming to Smith Street?

[Rendering courtesy of Scarano Architects/Photo courtesy of Property Shark]

What you're looking at, above, is what could be the New Heavy Metal Look above the Carroll Street subway stop on Smith Street. A tipster hit us off with the news that the renderings above the photo of Smith Street and 2nd Place aren't just conceptual, but the real plan. He writes:

The Building will have 8 stories, 70feet high and 46 apartments. The plaza in front of the Carroll Station will disappear and no garden is planned in front. The street’s aesthetics will be slightly modified by a metallic-gray façade.He adds that residents are working to have "this project changed to something taking care of the Carroll Gardens style." The design comes from...drum roll...Scarano Architects, which describes the building as fitting together:For example, the uniquely designed balcony frames, which are repeated and mirrored multiple times along the facade, serve to act as stitching elements between stucco, brick and metal panels on the facade. A curved roof also unifies a building together by drawing the viewer's attention towards its center.So far, the plans have not been approved. This should be a fun one to watch.
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