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Curbed Readers Comment: Hot Threads

1) Ask Curbed: Testing the Limits of Rent Stabilization (87 comments)
"NEVER eat caviar with a silver or silverplate spoon. The silver causes an ionization process that ruins the taste of the caviar. Use gold, wood, bone, horn, or preferably mother of pearl spoons. No matter how much your apartment costs."
2) The Catch: $40 Million Apartment That a Cook Would Hate (48 comments)
"There is an open house Saturday May 26, 11:00AM-1:00PM. Most people in the $25,000 a month rental category probably go out of town on Memorial Day weekend. I may copter back from East Hampton to check it out. Maybe I will see some of you there."
3) Ask Curbed: Can They Take My Doorman and Put in Buzzers (43 comments)
"i for one would love for this to happen in my building. we have 24 door staff who do nothing except sign for packages in a live in super who also does northing but perhaps if we're lucky oversee a repair man when they come in to fix the boiler, clean, etc... all this while the common charges rise like crazy to pay their union wages."
4) Williamsburg Waterfront #1: Are Your Lawnchairs Ready? (41 comments)
"Just be grateful you're getting a park because they could have very easily left it as a contaminated industrial wasteland that was there before and you wouldn't have gotten anything at all."