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Shvo Ups the Ante: Offers $10k for New Tagline

Let it never be said that Michael Shvo is not a man of the people. This morning, we ran a leaked email in which SHVO employees were offered a $1000 reward for coming up with a new tagline that captured the essence of SHVO. Upon learning of the leak, Shvo deftly captured his own essence by deciding to alter the contest rules to 1) include you, the Curbed reader, and 2) increase the reward.

Here's how it's going to work: You email us a new SHVO tagline to replace the existing "Exclusive Sales & Marketing" by Friday June 1, 2007. On that date, we'll pass along the entries to team SHVO. (In the case of duplicate entries, we'll only send the first to land in our inbox.) If SHVO adopts your entry as the new tagline, you will win $10,000. A word of caution: The comments to this thread are open and primed for your insight. However, we will not accept entries left solely in the comments. If you would like to leave your new tagline in the comments, please email us first and then comment. We wouldn't want to see your sparkling idea appropriated.

The lines are now open. Have at it. And remember, the SHVO brand belongs to each one of us.
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