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Can You Capture the Essence of Shvo?

Michael Shvo, that lovable rapscallion/demigod, is in need of a facelift. Not the man, of course, but the company that bears his name. An email making the rounds goes a little something like this:

As you may be aware, we are in the process of developing a new SHVO tagline and are inviting you to participate in our brainstorm. Our new SHVO tagline will replace SHVO Exclusive Sales and Marketing and should work across all corporate and consumer communications (e.g. our project ads, marketing materials, website, etc.). The new tagline should achieve the following objectives:

1. Deliver SHVO's brand positioning (explain why we are so unique)
2. Explain what we do
3. Set us apart from the competition

Keep in mind that we are all brand champions and the SHVO brand belongs to each one of us. All staff members in every department. We ask for your participation and as an incentive, we are offering $1,000 to the creative mind behind the chosen tagline.Now, we thought the tagline was technically Let's Shvo™, but if it's SHVO Exclusive Sales and Marketing they want to replace, then that's what we'll do. While the Shvolk are offering $1,000, we're offering absolutely nothing other than our LOLz. Leave your suggestions in the comments. We know it's Friday, and we know it's a holiday weekend, but if this thread doesn't hit 500, we're going to be pretty bummed. Perhaps we'll have a Shvote next week on the best submissions. UPDATE: Actually, Shvo himself will consider your submissions. New contest details, including a bigger prize, here.
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