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Curbed PriceSpotter: Hell's Kitchen Poseur

PriceSpotter is our weeklyish development game in which we provide photographs, a floorplan, and other assorted details of a for-sale apartment and you mix it all together to make a listing price. The big reveal Tuesday. Until then, have at it in the comments. Holiday reminder: Cheaters will not win.

What/Where: 1BR Co-op, 43rd btwn 9th/10th
Square Feet: 700
Maintenance: $929
The Skinny: The broker says this triplex evokes "Downtown." She's probably referring to the 16' ceilings and wall 'o over-sized south-facing windows. Or maybe it's the yellow wicker. Only one bathroom, which means you're probably going to be climbing stairs after your morning shower. Update: Per the request of commenter Greg, we note that this is a 5th floor walkup. As you were.

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