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The Edge Marks Its Williamsburg Territory

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Earlier we had some pics of East River State Park. Now, we take a few steps to the south and come to the site of The Edge, two square blocks of waterfront land that are now a huge construction site. You can catch the Edge vibe from the fenceage along Kent or you can click over to their website, which has no renderings, only enticing marketing verbiage for now. You will note that The Edge is big on "+" signs, for instance. Things being promoted include "Swimming Pool + Shooting Pool," "Indie Bands + Stone Countertops," "The Hippest Dress Code + The Coolest Zip Code," "Homes You Can Love + A Burg With A Pulse," etc. Oh, and "Green Construction + Hybrid Zipcars." Meaning, like, they'll be stationed there so residents can rent them? Prices on apartments include 1-1.5M, 1.5M-2.M and the ever popular 2M+. There would also appear to be some apartments that will be under $600,000. Overall, there will be 892 apartments at The Edge.
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