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Thor Sending in the Clowns to Spruce Up Coney Island?

For those wondering about the block-long fences put up by Thor Equities around the Coney Island blocks where it demolished rides and other amusements this winter, it looks like the developer with the controversial $2 billion plan will literally be sending in the clowns this summer.

Negotiations between Thor and the city appear to be going on behind closed doors, as opposed to in the press like they were in the winter, and some zoning proposals are due this summer. (Although Planning Department officials continue poking holes in the Thor luxury condos near the boardwalk dream, which could lead to another eruption of public bad feeling.) Regardless, Thor tells the Post that they're putting in a big water slide for the summer starting in late June and that there will be a circus tent and the Cole Brothers Circus for a week or so in July and August.
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