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Stuy Town Follies: Tishman Spies, Plans Sky Gardens?!

Avert your eyes from the above image for a second to feast on the news that Stuyvestant Town landlord Tishman Speyer is allegedly "building tax dossiers on tenants in a massive effort to drive out low-paying families and jack up rents," as the Post reports. Ah, the glory of resident paranoid; always a good time. Memo to Stuy Towners: if you've got another residence somewhere else in the country, quickly switch it to your great aunt's name. Yesterday.

Returning to the above image, feel free to join us in a round of WTF. It comes our way from a Curbed reader who emails, "Look what I randomly came across: conversion plan for Stuy Town with glass penthouses, sky garden and wind turbines!" The renderings are posted at a secret link on the website of überkool LES architecture firm Work, which probably means they were done for a showcase or random design study or something, but we'd rather embrace the darker greener vision: it's the future of Stuy Town, revealed! You'll take your hovering marshlands and like them, mmkay?

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