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Vesuvio Playground Gets Its Own Little Bay of Naples

Is that a mirage we see at Vesuvio Playground in South Greenwich Village? Or can it be that a new pool has finally gone into the ground there? It's been over a year since we wrote about the destruction of this old neighborhood hangout at the corner of Thompson and Spring. As Gothamist reported back then, this tired little park was set for a $2 million-plus make-over. So, what did a year and all that cash bring us?

[Vesuvio Playground as it appeared the last week of May 2007]

The NYC Department of Parks and Recreation website claims that this project is "COMPLETED" as of June 22, 2007. Must be nice to be able to tell the future. The little map at that website does indeed show some drawings of a pool and a basketball court. But recent photos show that there's still a lot of work to be done. All we can say is, "Hey, guys, summer's here and it's HOT! Let's get this place opened up." After all, not everybody has a chance to enjoy a day at the beach.

[Map of Vesuvio Playground from the NYC Parks & Recreation website]

[Some of the nearly-completed renovations on the Sullivan Street side]

[Swabbing on the non-skid surface at the handball courts along Spring Street]

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