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Ask Curbed: There Are Hoodlums on the Roof

Some covet the West Village for its tree-lined streets, quaint brownstones, and off-the-grid vibe. Others covet the West Village for its proximity to Jersey City. Sometimes, those worlds collide. A Curbed reader writes,

I live in a 5 story walkup in the West Village near the Christopher Street PATH station. Lately, kids on their way home from partying have been making their way into the building late at night (after 2am) and hanging out in our foyer, on the roof, and in the enclosed alley behind the building where the garbage bins are. There is a gate on the cross street (we're on the corner) for the super and garbage men to get in and out. There is no lock on the gate, so anyone can come in off the street. These kids hang out by the garbage bins on their way home, drinking, eating, smoking pot, etc. and are really loud. Sometimes they make their way into the building as well. The management company refuses to do anything about the door, claiming that they can't put a lock on it (because people need to be able to get out in an emergency) and say that installing a push bar is too expensive. Their response was if it bothers us to call the police. The police have been pretty slow to respond, if they come out at all, so there hasn't really been any deterrent. What can be done to get the area secured? Thanks!

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