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Building Collapse Betting Pool: Tenth Ave./25th St.

Like clockwork, just hours after yesterday's post about the Curbed Building Collapse betting pool hit this space, another winner clocked in, this time in West Chelsea. Two tipsters report: a) "The folks with the big fire trucks seem to think that the old parking garage on 10th avenue and 25th street is about to go boom"; b) "10th Ave btw 24th and 25th sts. Tons of emergency responders. Emt said 'partial building collapse' looks like the new condo development on 10th Ave. Here's a pic (above)."

So is the culprit this time a rogue parking garage, or sleek new development 245 Tenth Avenue? And what's with the sky going white, like we're in Lost or something? So many questions.
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UPDATE: A tipster emails to clarify: "The following is what transpired: Yesterday a brick fell from the façade of the Parking Garage at 247 Tenth Avenue to the sidewalk. New York City Department of Buildings officials determined the cause was from a pre- existing condition involving facade cracking and displacement. The Parking Garage was cited with a violation and is erecting a sidewalk bridge on 5/3/07 for pedestrian and vehicle safety and to facilitate repair work. New York City Department of Building officials confirmed it was immediately apparent the building's structural problems were of a pre-existing nature and the building construction site adjacent to the Parking Garage in no way affected or contributed to the building's structural problems."

245 Tenth Avenue

245 Tenth Avenue, New York, NY 10001