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Curbed PriceSpotter: UWS 2BR, Exposed

PriceSpotter is our weekly development game in which we give you the details on a for-sale apartment and you run the numbers in your gigantic real estate brains. Today, best listing price guesses in the comments. Tomorrow, the big reveal. Cheaters will not win.

What/Where: 2BR Co-op 93rd btwn Columbus/CPW
Square Feet: n/a but see floorplan
Maintenance: $1,647
Bonus Deets: What is it about those uptown parquet floors that makes us want to cry? And we loved the Larry Bird Celtics! But if you look past a couple cookie-cutter elements here, it's actually not so bad. In fact, we kind of like it. Renovated kitchen, a rather airy layout (+ four exposures), and a kiddies room (not pictured). Unfortunately, you're going to be sharing the sink with those kiddies. No master bath. And while the Park is next door, doesn't appear that you're going to be staring at it.

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