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The Bushwick Moment: 979 Willoughby

So. Freaking. Much. has been made of Bushwick lately, with much of the attention focused on new buildings and the neighborhood's potential status as "the next Williamsburg." This week the Brooklyn Daily Eagle has a go, covering the new 8-unit Scarano Architects building at 979 Willoughby Avenue (above). The developers are calling Bushwick "the next great hipster haven" and before you guffaw at that, can we just ask what proof people need before they accept Bushwick as the current hipster haven? Todd P is regularly having shows there, and groups of 8 underemployed 20-somethings are piled into shitty 2,000-square-foot loft spaces. It's time to own up to the facts here. You know by the time the Times Style section story on Bushwick rolls around, we'll already be on to Bay Ridge or something.

Anyhowsers, the units in the four-story building start at $399,000 for each of the two studios. The priciest units are the two-bedroom triplexes (a Scarano triplex, or course), which start at $688,000 and grow no bigger than 1,000 square feet. Each apartment has a private garage. Said Robert Scarano, "To design a new building in an emerging area, one cannot help but feel like a pioneer during the early days of the development of America. The difference now, however, is that this area was allowed to slip into decay and is now being reborn." We've said it before and we'll say it always: Robert Scarano = pioneer.

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