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Radically Chic/Chicly Radical in Williamsburg

No you did not fall and bump your head. This is an actual ad currently appearing on subway trains. It has been spotted on the 7 Train and the A Train and is probably all over the place. The photo comes from Copyranter, who provides this commentary:

Stupidly Idiotic. Idiotically Stupid. I have given NYC real estate ads a rest lately, because all NYC real estate ads are fucking moronic. But when Twenty Bayard, "Williamburg's premier parkfront condominiums," sticks the above sort-of Warhol knockoff in front of my face on the A train, I gotta dig out my camera. Who are those people? Did you do a photoshoot? Are they friends of yours? Models? Do they all live in Williamsburg? Who cares, right? With four succinct words, you've perfectly captured the essence of New York City's hipster enclave. And what an attractive building you've designed! Neighbors are thrilled, I'm sure.Discuss below if you wish.
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