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Woolworth Building Eyes High-End Club Makeover

In a world of $600 bottle service, this was probably inevitable: developers are forging ahead with a plan to turn the top 25 stories of the Woolworth Building into "the financial district's first office tower with a country club's exclusivity—and perhaps its extraordinary membership fees," as the NYT reports. The "club," which will undoubtedly bear a trendy name such as The Worth, will enjoy its own separate opulent entrance, tarted up beyond even Cass Gilbert's wildest dreams. "The intent," says the Times, "is to attract affluent tenants like hedge funds and private equity firms." No, really? You're sure?

So: hedge funders and Wall Streeters among us, what type of amenities would The Worth need to offer to make it a tempting home for you and your firm? Concepts and ideas to, or in the comments, please; all submissions will be kept anonymous, per usual. We'll gather and run our favorites in a couple of days.
· Downtown Landmark Makes High-End Play [NYTimes]