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Trump's Hole Gets Pumped

[The Putzmeister 472 Pumper at work down in Hudson Square]

Now that most of the okays have been bought—errr, secured—from various NYC agencies to allow for Donald Trump's Trump Soho condo-tel to rise down in Hudson Square the crew down that-aways got to work but quick. What once looked like a seeping swamp now looks nice and tight. No bones about it. Nothing's gonna stop this baby now.

Early in the morning at the edge of SoHo cement trucks started lining up, one after another. Each dumped a load of thick creamy stuff into the big Putzmeister 472 that was locked-and-loaded on little Dominick Street. Down below, in the middle of Trump's Hole, the guys spread that gooey stuff over the rows of rigid re-bar. Before anyone could count to 41 the base for this new code-busting tower was hard as a rock. Can steel be far behind?

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Trump Soho

246 Spring Street, New York, NY 10013