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CurbedWire: More Hell Square Destruction, Schnabel Goes Pink on 11th Street

LOWER EAST SIDEAnother dose of destruction from Hell Square. The building that previously housed the much-beloved former laundromat at 136 Ludlow (between Stanton/Rivington) has been torn down over the course of the past week. To come in its place: a shiny new laundromat, with all the latest cleaning technologies! Joking. Condos, natch. [CurbedWire Inbox]

WEST VILLAGEBesides Bono, could the color pink be a permanent addition to West 11th Street? A tipster reports, "While biking by the Julian Schnabel condo development on West 11th Street every morning for the last couple of weeks, I've assumed that the pink façade is temporary...but appears that it may actually be a permanent stucco façade... At about 170 feet in height, that's a lot of pink. Also noticed lots of arched windows and what looks like a tile roof...perhaps this is part of Schnabel's 'rock & roll baroque' style that now permeates the inside of the Gramercy Park Hotel. Anyone have any details on the design?" [CurbedWire Inbox]