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Surveyors, Spraypaint and 'Toll Ahead' in Gowanus

Ah, Gowanus. First, a special correspondent sent the bottom photo taken late yesterday afternoon that showed the "Toll Ahead" sign that someone had bolted to the dead end sign at First and Bond Streets, within sniffing distance of South Brooklyn Grand Canal. Then, the same observer sent an updated photo this morning, which appears at the top. Now, the interesting thing isn't so much that someone spraypainted over the "Toll Ahead" thing, but that surveyors are visible in the photo, which means that the Toll Brothers could be a lot more ahead than one assumes. There is, coincidentally, another meeting about Gowanus rezoning tonight. The outcome of the rezoning process will determine whether, in fact, the Toll Brothers can go ahead. Basically, everything you see on the left and the right in the photos would be part of their 500-unit "Gowanus urban village."
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