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CurbedWire: End of Ipodecture, The Canting Has Begun in Harlem, Condomania on the UES!

NOHOIs this the end of the Great Jones' advertecture erector set (above)? [ibitmylip/Curbed Flickr Pool]

HARLEMAn update on the progress at Graceline Court from our friends at Harlem Fur: "[T]he first few levered beams are sprouting from the side of Harlem's Amazing Cantilever." Photo proof awaits you at the Fur. [Harlem Fur]

UPPER EAST SIDEA tipster emails with a full plate of Uptown dish. To wit, 1) "After seemingly slow movement, the new condominium to rise on 74th beteween 1st and York has its foundation near-completion. The block is very quiet so the residents nearby are in for some serious noise over the next few months/year...

2) "300 East 79th is getting its first shades of glass on the lower floors. The glass is pretty nice. Construction on that site, as mentioned before, moves at incredible speed. Getting across town on 79th Street, however, is increasingly problematic. There is a hell of a lot of ConEd work going on and the buses struggle to move past. It sucks if you live by East End Ave., which I do.

3) "The big holes on 86th Street at both 3rd and Lex are still only holes. Work, however, is constant. I'd imagine foundation to be poured and beams to start rising very, very soon.

4) "The swanky condo at East End Ave and 87th/88th is also getting its glass on.

"In light of all of this construction, all sites have been kept clean and as unobtrusive as possible. Nothing like the sidewalk disasters on the LES near sites." [CurbedWire Inbox]