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Eater Tastings: Monkey Bar Evolves, Old Homestead Pulls a Fast One, Top Chef Preps for Opening, Yacht Club Punched in the Grill

Inside PDT, the super-secret bar, which, when it opens later this month, will be accessible only via a Crifdogs phone booth. [Photo by Kalina]

More from Eater, our fair-haired dining companion...

1) The new barroom at the retooled Monkey Bar is a spruced up version of the old barroom. The new menu, however, is showing the mark of Patricia Yeo.
2) Add outdoor seating and a few geraniums to the Old Homestead and?voila!?the Prime Burger Cafe at Old Homestead is born.
3) Top Chef Harold Dieterle is days away from a West Village opening.
4) The grill at the Gowanus Yacht Club has been replaced with a pot of boiling water. Get 'em while their hot and wet.

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