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Stuy Town Follies: Rent Hikes and Secret Destruction Plans?

Back in November, when Tishman Speyer, the new owners of Stuyvesant Town and Peter Cooper Village, sent residents a chipper Happy Thanksgiving note, one Curbed commenter was heard to observe, "That letter is a clarion call that you're about to get fucked."

Comes today, to the Curbed inbox, a reader email that begins thusly: "Now that Tischman/Speyer own Stuyvesant Town/Peter Cooper Village, the rumors and horrors are beginning to circulate. First the horrors. Friends of mine who moved into a 1 bedroom non rent stabilized apartment last year for $2,200 just received their lease renewal."

Continues our tipster:

The new lease has rates of +$800 for a one year lease and +$1,000 for a two year lease. They have to let Tischman Speyer know their decision to renew or leave by the end of May. If they leave, they have to be out July 1st. If they don’t let them know by the end of May and want to renew, the increases increase even higher! Now for the rumors. It’s one of those typical, someone I know who knows someone whose brother in law works for Tischman/Speyer said that the plan for Stuy Town is to demolish it in five years because they want the current 100 building site to house 150 luxury condos. This has the potential of a major freak out among the residents, me included.

What do you think of the possibility? Anyway to find out if this is true?

Please keep me anonymous if you print this as I am afraid of retribution from the landlord. I called 311 and filed a complaint when we had no heat in the winter and since then, my apartment has had no heat or water more times in the last six months than in the 12 years I’ve lived there.

Sarah Stuart, it's our pleasure to run your email in full. Joking, joking. That's not really the correspondent's name. Anonymity and all, you know? Anyway, there we have it. Commence the merrymaking.
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