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Curbed Readers Comment: Hot Threads

1) Ask Curbed: There Are Hoodlums on the Roof (76 comments)
"I live right in the thick of this problem. I've watched the problem get worse and worse over the last three years. Somebody suggested moving... that's exactly what's happening. People in our buildings are voting with their feet. In the last month several tenants broke their leases to leave."
2) Curbed Roundtable: May State 'o the Market Report (73 comments)
"Definitely Hot and Cold depending where in the city and what your selling/renting. Some of our exclusives are getting non-stop calls, others just sitting there.Also, usually by this time of the year there is large influx of renters, however, I haven't seen an influx of renters moving to the city just yet. Perhaps they're all Craigslisting it up?"
3) Adventures in Shilling Redux: Chelsea Stratus Penthouse (43 comments)
"In addition, what is this '...located on one of the top three floors of the building...' shit? It's either a penthouse, or it ain't. It's either top floor, or it ain't."
4) The Bushwick Moment: 979 Willoughby (38 comments)
"You live in a studio in Bushwick, but you need a garage? F'reals? And these narrow duplexes/triplexes give me vertigo."