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Weekend Open House Forecast: 100% Chance of Weather

On these here internets, one must never stop innovating. That's a lesson that's clear to the braintrust at Corcoran, which has just introduced a series of innovative new website innovations, per this note from CorcoPR:

Corcoran is very excited to announce a pair of new enhancements for, which will revolutionize the way our clients use our website. Today we are unveiling our very own Open House Planner and updated Weather Forecasting.... Based on the time and locations of the various open houses, the planner provides a map and suggests the best travel route and schedule and can be customized to start or conclude at any address.Queries a Curbed tipster, "What's next, a real estate ticker on Corcoran?! Fuck CNN, we have BREAKING real estate news! THIS JUST IN!! help..."
· Open House Planner [Corcoran]