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25 Bond is Minting Its Own Money

No, really. The 23-unit Noho development at 25 Bond Street is all about theatrics?that discreet inquiries thing is a nice touch?and now Wonka's chocolate factory has sent out its golden tickets: custom coins. Explanation:

On one side is an abstract field of 25s and on the other, a custom design from New York stone sculptor Ken Hiratsuka. Inside the jacket is a vellum that contains the comprehensive list of finishes, amenities and services that are offered by this phenomenal property. When the coin is lifted out of the jacket a sub-domain is revealed that gives the recipient deeper access into the web site.For those that aren't lucky enough to receive this made-up Noho currency, don't fret: we've already let the cat out of the bag on the sub-domain thing. Expect these ducats to be trading for Soho Mews dirt bags out on the black market.
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