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Curbed PriceSpotter Big Reveal: UWS 2BR, Exposed

Yesterday, we asked you to come up with the listing price for this 2-bedroom co-op. Today, we reveal the answer.

Listing: 57 West 93rd Street [Corcoran]
Asking: $1.495 million
"I know this building," says commenter Realty Gal. "Sweeet building, non-doorman elevator building. This is a combination apartment. I think its the 4th floor with views of other buildings but good light. Not that pretty a block." Ding ding ding ding! Elsewhere, some constructive criticism for the layout ("I really wish that the kitchen was switched around with the main bathroom") and lots of good guesses, including one suspiciously on the nose. We're withholding the gold star pending an investigation.
· Curbed PriceSpotter: UWS 2BR, Exposed [Curbed]